• When the road ends, our journey starts
  • Bwabwata National Park

    Namibia's extraordinary variety of wildlife - a story best told in Namibia's many national parks, reserves and conservancies. For a country which is predominately arid, Namibia boasts one of the greatest wildlife populations in the world.

  • Deadvlei

    Part of the allure of Namibia is that it's four countries in one. Each of the four different landscapes each have its own characteristics and attractions.

  • Fish River Canyon

    Namibia's four different landscapes - long coastal deserts, dry riverbeds and canyons, rugged mountain ranges and sand-filled valleys, ancient red sand and sparse vegetation, tropical forests, perennial rivers and woodland savannahs.

  • Himba in the Kaokoveld

    Namibia has a population of around 2.2 million, leaving this as one of the lowest population densities in the world with just 1.5 people per km2.

  • Kolmannskuppe

    A long lineage of various groups including San Bushmen, Bantu herdsmen and finally the Himba, Herero and Nama tribes among others have been making this rugged land home for thousands of years.

  • Luederitz

    Namibia’s places and landscapes: vast, endless, magnificent, unimaginable …. Red sands of the Kalahari, the worlds’ highest dunes, charming coastal towns, the Himba in Damara- and Kaokoland, abundant wildlife and the busting metropole of Windhoek.

  • San Bushman

    Unity and diversity bring together at least 11 major ethnic groups, each celebrating their past while working together toward the future. Notice this in dress, language, art, music, sport, food and religion.

When the road ends, our Journey starts1 Bwabwata National Park2 Deadvlei3 Fish River Canyon4 Himba in the Kaokofeld5 Kolmannskuppe6 Luederitz7 San Bushman8

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